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BOEN Hardwood Flooring - The Floor Collection Like a tall tree that sheds its leaves upon a cloud the people at BOEN are proud to bring you high-performance quality with an aura of authentic craftsmanship excellence. Sound, taste, smell, light and colours are everywhere today. The surroundings are very important factors for the well-being and behaviour of human beings. Achieving a good feelingA wooden floor comes from nature. Along with the good natural feeling, the colour tones and characteristics of a wooden floor are very important details in interior design in a room. Small apartments in high-rise buildings can be transformed in to relaxing environments using light, music, taste and colours. A light wood will help create an impression of a larger area.Large rooms with bit windows can be furnished with dark woods to make exciting contrasts.To make the choice easier, BOEN products are categorized into: Nordic Light: light flooring Natural Feeling: golden flooring Beautiful shades: dark flooring My Dreams: a range of exclusive patterns and solid plank Maritime World: flooring inspired from shippingWe wish you lots of pleasure making your choice.